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We're a team of innovator's and change drivers that love hatching ideas and business to change our world for the better.


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Why Sandborn?

We want to hatch great business ideas as we often see that the struggle is not the idea but the execution of building the business. Having helped to build innovative projects and companies, we noticed that the process of ideation, foundation and growth can be learned and replicated and made more efficient by sharing know-how, methods and standardizing processes so that more focus and energy can be allocated toward the core business.

Why the Turtle?

Sandborn was hatched from the insight that like a turtle’s migration from birth to shore, an innovation project begins in hope for levering an opportunity despite facing many vigorous obstacles. A turtle’s strength and risk from the beginning of its life is representative of who we are as strong business builders in the Swiss and European markets. With our passion to cultivate, incubate and accelerate, we will continue to endure these hurdles with our businesses so that we do not only learn from them but maintain a relationship of longevity and achievement.

Meet the Team


Isabelle Siegrist

CEO & Founder

Isabelle has been helping to build up companies across Switzerland since 2014, first for 2 years at Startups.ch as CIO and then with her own company builder Sandborn. She supports entrepreneurs and corporates from various industries in scaling (from idea validation, product/service development, market entry to growth financing), builds companies of her own, and invests in Startups. She was recognized as one of the TOP 100 Businesswomen in Switzerland 2018, 2019, and 2020 and is a Forbes 30 under 30 Alumna (2019), studied Business Innovation at HSG, and majored in Social Entrepreneurship at ESCP Europe. She is a coach at Innosuisse and regularly teaches at various colleges and universities on entrepreneurship topics.


Marco Stutz

Investment Expert & Investment Committee Member

Marco is an experienced VC – currently Investment Director at Redstone Switzerland , previously at Mountain Partners  – who not only is our investment committee member but also supports our female founder community through their investment rounds. Marco has invested in more than 50 digital & tech businesses and was responsible for the international expansion of Mountain Partners investment portfolio as well as the transfer of business models to innovative ecosystems like Asia. Having been active in various positions including board and supervisory board mandates, investment committee memberships as well as executive investment positions, he contributes his significant experience to the team.


Luca Marie Sorg

Community Manager

Luca Marie works as a community manager. She is loves connecting and engaging with our communities and tries to encourage especially the younger generation to start up their own businesses. Luca Marie loves to learn new things, to get to know innovative start-ups and helps the team with various tasks.


Laura Koller

Research Associate

Laura is working on insights and solutions on how to improve female founders getting funded. She is especially interested in the topic of how investment committees can ameliorate their decision-making process. She previously worked at Raiffeisen Bank and is a Certified KV with a professional baccalaureate. Today she is studying business psychology at the Hochschule Luzern.

Our Partner Network

To facilitate entrepreneurship, we teach, work and collaborate with different ecosystem players from universities, service providers and investors. Check out our collaboration events and join our network.

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