Google Tools Training – Boosting your company’s online presence

How can you boost your company’s onlinepresence? What influence do you have on it?

Nowadays, the internet serves as the number one source of information. Even if your focus is on selling products or services offline, you need an online presence so that potential customers can find your business and get the necessary information. Google offers a wide range of free tools to help entrepreneurs create and optimize their website. In our beginner-friendly and hands-on workshop on february 24, 2022, Evelyn Leu, lead of education at Google, gave an outline of the most important tools and showed how to use them successfully to achieve business goals.

During the event, participants were introduced to the following tools and tricks:

🚀 With Google My Buisness, contact information of your company appears in the knowledge field of Google search results. 

⏱️ In a time where everything must go as fast as possible, Google PageSpeed Insights shows you how to speed up your website.

📰 Google alerts keeps you up to date with topics and news in your industry. 

📈 To massively increase your online presence, you can use Google trends to find the most popular keywords in your industry and integrate them into your website.

🔥 The Google search console, is part of the google webmaster tools that optimizes your google search results, by providing data that helps you organizing to rank higher in search.

Our takeaway and recommendation:
Check your stats and improve them by dedicating 2 hours a week to it. The results will not disappoint you!!

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